Longerie. A communication strategy for a fashion label specialised in long underwear.

Longerie. A communication strategy for a fashion label specialised in long underwear.

Client: University of Applied Arts Vienna, graduation project | Year: 2010 | Award: CCA distinction


In the current market, long underwear is generally reduced its function and is not considered special or valuable. However, clothes are not just items of use, since people can influence their self-image through their choice of clothes. This is the source of the question of how a producer of men’s underwear could make long underwear interesting and gain a competitive edge in the market.
Brand Development | Product Development | Packaging Design | Posters and Advertisements | Folding Poster | Guerilla Marketing

This graduation project comprises the conception and promotion of the fictional fashion label “Longerie”, which produces high-quality, custom-made long underwear for men. The new brand must mirror the quality of its products and communicate their value, and the campaign must work against the bad image of long underwear.

Brand Development

Market positioning is always dependent on the competition and target markets. Since the niche segment “exclusive and young” is currently occupied by only few brands, ”Longerie” can fill the gap in the market with a fitting product.

Product Development

Five designs were created in collaboration with Milena Heussler. Customers can choose the colour of different parts of each design through a module on the label’s website, allowing them to emancipate themselves and, most of all, create emotional meaning through the option of choice.

Packaging Design

As with the product itself, the packaging is also custom-made according to the customer. It shows the chosen design and its name, as well as the serial number, and contains a cloth bag in which the long underwear can be stored and washed. A label with the laundry symbols and information about the material is attached to the underwear.

Posters and Advertisements

The posters and advertisements show men who have designed their own long underwear online. They can be placed in independent designer and tailor shops and countless other public places in a local area. Advertisements placed in magazines relevant to the target group make people aware of the brand and its website.

Folding Poster

A folding A2 poster shows a variety of configurations. It can be folded to a size of A6 and placed in select shops or handed out at fashion fairs. The reverse side contains detailed information about the ordering process.

Guerilla Marketing

The labels can be used as a key visual in a guerrilla marketing campaign. They can be placed wherever people have been sensitised to long underwear, such as in the bathrooms in swimming pools, fitness centres or changing rooms. The front of the label has a text, and the back has images of customised designs.


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